OCE can provide a full range of wastewater engineering services, including state-mandated system evaluations and the planning, design, permitting and construction-related services for sewer/ stormwater system separations and wastewater treatment systems on the municipal, commercial, and residential levels.


State regulations require that wastewater treatment systems be evaluated every 20 years. We provide such evaluations, including flow monitoring, equipment and sewer inspections, and condition assessments. On top of an objective, third-party review of your system, we identity creative solutions to meet permit limits without unnecessary construction.


When a big storm hits a municipality with a combined sewer/stormwater system, wastewater treatment plants can become overloaded with stormwater, hampering waste treatment and polluting nearby areas. We provide planning, design, permitting, and construction-review services to create stormwater collection and treatment systems that will allow sewers to do what they were meant to do.


Centralized treatment plants come with a host of issues: expensive to build and operate with miles of pipe leading to a single mega-facility on the edge of town. Most Vermont municipalities would benefit from a decentralized solution with modular wastewater treatment options that integrate with existing systems and provide growth without harming a town’s character. OCE will conduct a feasibility study to identify what decentralized solution will work for your municipality.

“The ingenuity and thoroughness of the design reflected not only a high level of professionalism but also a genuine enthusiasm for the project.” – City of Rutland