From municipalities in need of a new water source, to communities looking to improve poor water quality, and water systems suffering from aging water lines, OCE specializes in source development, treatment, and distribution of drinking water.


Municipalities may be in need of a new water source for a number of reasons: the old system can no longer support the town’s needs, a redundant supply is desired, or contamination levels reach a point where a new source is needed. With our staff hydrogeologist, OCE can evaluate, plan, and develop a source development  project—all in house—from alternative analysis and well siting through pump testing and water-quality analysis.


Whether a municipality wishes to improve poor water quality or has been mandated by a regulatory body to meet a compliance schedule, OCE offers a complete engineering package for water treatment systems. OCE will review and evaluate water quality data and both design and permit a wide-variety of available treatment options to create the most cost-effective system. Beyond the design, OCE will provide construction review and assist with treatment system startup procedures.


Many water systems in Vermont suffer from aging water lines, poor distribution quality, or low water pressure. Otter Creek Engineering provides preliminary engineering, system-distribution evaluations, water modeling, water main and pump station design, and construction-phase services to maintain, upgrade or expand a municipality’s water distribution systems.

“The next time we upgrade our water system, or have to make any changes, our first phone call will be to Otter Creek Engineering to help us.” Bridget Simmons, Office Manager , Bradford Sewer & Water Commission