Project Description

Otter Creek Engineering was selected to help the Town with the rehabilitation of three wastewater pump stations, located a Seminary Street, Halpin Road and Painter Hills Road.  The original construction occurred in the 1970s, and consisted of dry-pit wastewater pumps.  Since then, there has been a shift in engineering design to improve operator safety, and the Town desired to remove the hazardous confined space access at the sites. Otter Creek Engineering designed conversions to the dry-pits as expanded wet well capacity, and replaced the aging suction lift pumps with modern submersible solids handling pumps.  During initial planning, OCE noticed the Town had outgrown the capacity of the forcemain on Seminary Street Extension, and recommended upgrading that force main (which was circa 1050’s) with a new 6-inch main.  All pump station controls were upgraded with modern equipment, and integrated into the Town’s SCADA system.