Project Description

The Addison County Community Trust (ACCT) sought to investigate the community wastewater system at Lindale Mobile Home Park. With 48 units built in 1968 and another 19 developed in 1991, multiple septic systems were being replaced  each year with many systems reaching the end of their useful life., and lacking space for onsite disposal.

OCE implemented a three-phase project approach by conducting preliminary evaluations, performing field work, and creating a preliminary-engineering report with recommendations on how to best address the situation.  In Phase I, OCE evaluated site conditions, developed composite base maps and coordinated a project kickoff meeting to align ACCT’s goals with the remaining project schedule.  Phase II began with a grid being physically marked  by OCE’s survey crew, allowing for exploratory excavations, commonly known as test pits. OCE’s staff hydrogeologist completed the test pits with the representatives from the State of Vermont Indirect Discharge Program and the client present.

Using the conceptual base maps and soil sample results, Phase III commenced with  OCE developing conceptual schematic plans for alternative collection, treatment, and disposal systems (one seen below), including the location and sizing of each disposal system option.  The final report includes topics which are necessary to obtain funding through the State of Vermont Clean Water fund and/or USDA Rural Development Utilities program.  OCE is currently assisting ACCT with the design and permitting of the recommended solution, which includes a new gravity collection system, primary settling tanks and wastewater disposal field of approximately 25,000 gallons per day.