With a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) on staff, we provide wetland identification, wetland restoration, and additional natural resource assessments.


Our experienced and qualified staff perform wetland assessments and delineations, and work with our permitting staff to complete applications. Wetland assessments are short initial visits that allow us to provide feedback on the presence and extent of wetlands on site and how your project may be affected. A more detailed wetland delineation may be necessary if wetlands are in or near project areas. Our survey department provides efficient and accurate wetland boundary surveys to the sub-meter accuracy required for permitting. From residential driveway wetland crossings to town-wide infrastructure projects, no project is too large or small for us.


When wetland and buffer impacts cannot be avoided, sometimes restoration is required as part of permitting. In addition, some lake associations, municipalities, institutions, or private landowners may be interested in restoring or creating wetlands to help accomplish water quality or wildlife habitat goals. We provide the wetland delineation, survey, planting plan design, regulator coordination, implementation, and monitoring experience necessary to help you meet your restoration goals.


Whether we are assisting a college with working through the Act 250 process for a dorm project or working with a community trust to seek funding for wastewater infrastructure, a natural resources assessment is an important component of many projects. Natural Resources Assessments typically include a desktop review and site visit confirming the presence or absence of wetlands and the evaluation of rare, threatened, and endangered species habitat (including RTE bat species habitat).

“We appreciate your efforts and that you have always been available to us when we had questions. Looking forward to trail building!!!” —Kathy Rossier, Chair of Recreation Committee, City of Vergennes