Jason Larocque

President / Principal

Jason is a founding Partner of Otter Creek Engineer and became President in 2017. Jason has extensive experience in a wide variety of civil design projects, topographic, aerial, and GPS surveys, and AutoCAD.

Email: Larocque@OtterCrk.com

Brent Rakowski, P.E.

Vice President / Principal

Brent is Vice President and Senior Project Engineer for Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. and has been with the company since 2004. His professional career, since 1995, has focused on civil/site engineering. Brent received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Clarkson University in 1995 and his Professional Engineering License from the State of Vermont in 2001. Prior to coming to Otter Creek Engineering, Brent worked for design firms in Burlington, Vermont, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Aspen, Colorado where he obtained valuable experience working on land development, infrastructure rehabilitation, and stormwater improvement projects.

Email: Rakowski@OtterCrk.com


John Kiernan, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer / Principal

John joined OCE in August 2015 as a Senior Project Engineer and became a Principal in 2016. He brings over 20 years of public community water and wastewater experience to strengthen the firm’s core business focus. John received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from The Cooper Union in 1993 and his Masters in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College in 1995.  He currently holds Professional Engineering Licenses in Vermont and New York. Prior to coming to Otter Creek Engineering, John worked for design firms in Middlebury and New Jersey.

Email: Kiernan@OtterCrk.com

Craig Jewett, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer / Principal

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Craig spent three years working for a small engineering firm in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Since returning to Vermont in 2007, Craig now lives in Hartford, VT with his wife Mollie and their two kids and works out of our Rutland Office. Craig has been part of OCE since 2010, became a Partner in 2016, and continues to manage municipal water resource infrastructure projects for clients throughout the State, as well as private and institutional water resource infrastructure and site development projects.

Email: Jewett@OtterCrk.com

Robert M. Clark, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer / Principal

Robert joined OCE in November 2015 as a Project Engineer. He is a 2009 graduate of University of Maine-Orono and became a licensed Professional Engineer in Vermont in May 2014. Robert specializes in in-depth and cost-efficient preliminary engineering studies and has designed many large municipal utility projects. His technical and management skills are a strong asset to our firm.

Email: Clark@OtterCrk.com

Peter DeGraff, P.E.

Managing Engineer

Peter is a founding Partner of Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. and President from 2005 to 2017. His professional career, since 1986, in Vermont and Massachusetts, has focused on civil/site and water supply engineering. Peter’s varied project work has given him extensive experience with water supply, wastewater disposal, stormwater collection and treatment, site design and environmental permitting. Since stepping down as President, Peter has continued at Otter Creek Engineering on a part time basis, working on special projects.  Peter is licensed in VT.

Email: DeGraff@OtterCrk.com

Our Staff

Otter Creek Engineering has an experienced team of professionals with varied and complimentary areas of expertise. Our staff is committed to every project on which they work. Using our strengths in project management and communication, we work with our clients to design successful projects.

Mark Youngstrom, P.E.

Managing Engineer

Mark has been a Managing Engineer for Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. since 2002 and heads our Rutland, Vermont office.  His professional experience as a project engineer, since 1975, has been primarily in the design, permitting and construction of public water supply and and treatment facilities. Mark is licensed in VT, NH and MA.

Email: MarkY@OtterCrk.com

Bill Norland, CPG

Hydrogeologist / Environmental Scientist 

Bill joined Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. in August of 2003. As a Hydrogeologist and Project Manager, his professional experience has focused on hydrogeologic investigations; testing, development and permitting potable private and Public Community Water System sources; Source Protection Area and Source Protection Plan delineation, land development permitting, on-site wastewater disposal system siting and design; Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments; and hazardous and contaminated waste site investigation and remediation.



 Email: Norland@OtterCrk.com

Holly Bedard

Engineering Technician

Holly joined OCE as an Engineering Technician in 2000 and plays a key role with our field surveys and engineering drawings.  She has an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering from Vermont Technical College.

Email: Bedard@OtterCrk.com

Robert Rooker

Senior Engineering Technician

Robert joined OCE in May 2016 as an Engineering Technician. He is a graduate of Vermont Technical College, with an associates degree in Civil Engineering Technology. Robert will be managing the workflow of the technical staff, overseeing surveying and drafting.

Email: Rooker@OtterCrk.com

Scott Matthews

Senior Resident Project Engineer

Scott has been a Senior Engineering Technician for Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. since 2003. His professional experience, since 1982, as a Resident Project Representative, construction project manager, and construction estimator, has been primarily in the construction of public water supply and wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

Email: Matthews@OtterCrk.com

Jeff Mangini

Senior Resident Project Engineer

Jeff joined Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. in April of 2006. His professional experience has focused on Senior Resident Project Representative, construction materials inspection and testing. Prior to his work with Otter Creek Engineering, Jeff worked for a materials inspection and testing laboratory in Williston, VT and a consulting engineering, construction and operations firm in Cambridge, MA.

Email: Mangini@OtterCrk.com

Brett Barrett

Engineering Technician/Resident Project Representative

Brett joined OCE in April 2016 as an Engineering Technician. Brett has previous construction experience and will be active in surveying and design drafting, along with construction oversight.

Email: Barrett@OtterCrk.com

Mary Beth Poli

Engineering Technician

Mary Beth Poli joined Otter Creek Engineering, Inc. in 2018 and is based out of our Rutland office. Mary Beth received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Management from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont in 2009. She has 11 years of professional experience doing natural resources work for the Green Mountain National Forest, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Otter Creek Engineering. Mary Beth specializes in the planning, design, and permitting of practices that minimize effects on natural resources while helping clients achieve their goals. She works with OCE Project Managers, clients, and regulators on wetland, stream alteration, stormwater, drinking water, wastewater, and Act 250 permitting for a wide range of projects. She also performs wetland delineations following Army Corps of Engineers protocols, develops planting plans for wetland restoration projects, and does field soil descriptions for stormwater and wastewater projects during the field season.

Email: Poli@ottercrk.com

Peter Franzoni

Engineering Technician

Peter joined OCE as an Engineering Technician in 2019 and provides field surveying, design drafting, and deed research.

Email: Franzoni@ottercrk.com

Ben Pease

Administrative/Marketing Assistant

Ben joined OCE in 2019 and serves as the administrative and marketing assistant in the East Middlebury office, performing numerous support tasks, including report, permitting, and proposal preparation.

Email: Pease@OtterCrk.com